01. About Me

Hello, I'm 5am also known as 5am0036 and Sam. I am a co-founder of the crypto company 0036 Labs and on the team of VitaminCoin.

I enjoy meeting new people, and building communities. I may also have a mild obsession with aliens. I also do cross-chain bridges and support at the ExperimentDAO.

I believe that the future financial system must be decentralized for the sake of us all. (feeless would be a nice bonus)

02. Portfolio
(Fungible And Not)


03. Research

What is you ask?

Well... to be honest, I have no idea... Just a place to dump ideas? Jot down to-do lists? We'll see. Might be cool, might not. (fyi gitbook is a great tool)

BTW, Just to be clear will not only be crypto... stay tuned I guess

04. Social Links
(Message me on Discord)

05. Policies

I do not collect personal information. Website is hosted on "GitHub Pages".
Please review GitHub's privacy policy regarding "GitHub Pages".

Nothing on this page is financial advice, adults should be repsonsible for what they invest their money in.